Brother Cory McTague grew up in a Christian home and was saved by the grace of God at age 16. After wrestling with conviction for over a year he realized it was "not by works of righteousness," by by faith in the finished work of Christ alone. He was called to preach after studying for 2 years in public Universities. He graduated from Bethel Baptist College, a ministry of the McTague's sending church, Bible Baptist Church in Jacksonville, AR, in 2006 with a B.A. in Pastoral Theology. A book about Tibetans prompted Cory to seek the Lord for several years as to whether He was calling him to be a missionary to this unreached people group. The Lord was indeed calling him. Cory surrendered to the call March 22, 2006, using Matthew 18:12 as confirmation. April's testimony is similar to Cory's. She also grew up in a Christian home, attended Christian school but did not receive Christ until age16. She wrestled with conviction and confusion until listening to a sermon tape, she realized she had not trusted Christ alone for salvation. She also attended and graduated from Bethel Baptist College. Shortly before graduation she was confronted with her fiance surrendering to the mission field. By God's grace she followed God's leading and jumped into the adventure of following Christ with her husband from one side of the globe to the other. 

April and Cory were married in July of 2006. They worked on staff at Bible Baptist Church, Jacksonville, AR as missionary interns for a year and a half before starting deputation in September 2007. They were accepted as missionaries to the Tibetans of Nepal with BIMI in June of 2008. They completed deputation and were sent out of Bible Baptist Church, arriving in Nepal May 2009.After studying the language and culture for the first 1 1/2 years in Nepal, the McTagues started the Himal Baptist Church in the living room of their home. They saw God faithfully work time and again. In 2016, The McTagues felt the Lord leading them to Toronto, Canada. To continue to reach those from Southeast Asia and every nationality you will find in the GTA. They began the preparatory work and opened the doors to Sparrow Baptist Church July 1st, 2018. There have been many lessons God has taught them along the way that has encouraged and enabled them to continue you serving as church planters around the globe.

The McTagues learned that ministry among unreached peoples can be slow but JESUS CHRIST is worthy praise and dedication regardless of how many show up to church. Discouragement is best dealt with through Christ-honoring praise, preaching of God's Word, and faithfulness to your calling.

They learned that faithfully sowing the seed of God's Word in a difficult field will surely bring forth fruit, just as God's Word said it would. There is no substitute for faithfulness, in witnessing, discipleship training, and honoring Christ.

They learned the absolute importance of the Local, Independent, Baptist Church in propagating the gospel, and that it becomes a refuge from the ravages and fears Satan loves to torment the saved and prospects for salvation.

They learned that Christ will build His church. In God's timing, God raised up a congregation in Nepal that is still continuing to faithfully follow Christ and reach their family and community.

Ministry and life rarely goes the way we think it should. But GOD CAN BE TRUSTED.  God has been trusted, and by God's good grace, God will be trusted as Sparrow Baptist Church is planted, established and grounded for years to come. 

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